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Nikola Tesla Switch is the latest downdraft induction cooktop by Elica created to revolutionise the daily cooking experience and turn the point of view of the kitchen literally upside down.

Induction and extraction are combined in a single product where the search for harmony and maximum attention to detail. together with innovative functions and unique performance, represent the highest expression of technology and design.  

Cooking co-exists with extraction on a large ceramic glass surface where no one element prevails over the other, everything is concealed, made two-dimensional, and a graphic sign is what determines the overall harmony.

A central ring with cast iron effect and a glass circle, completely flush with the cooktop surface, cleverly conceal the extraction system.  By rotating this circular element, Nikola Tesla Switch extraction is activated, releasing all of its power through this innovative flat to guarantee total air control.  The downdraft and induction cooktop by Elica reaches high performance levels in terms of fume and odour extraction, five times faster than the rising speed, is impressively silent thanks to noise levels of just 50dB(A), and has a class A+ energy efficiency rating.


Make your life a whole lot easier with this amazing ROBOT - let him/her clean while you are at work ... just think, a once off investment ... a flick of a switch or remote and NO more dirty floors !!

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