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Swiss manufactured coffee machines - both Professional and Domestic
Shop a range of high end Jura coffee machines 24/7 online

This Jura coffee machine is the perfect addition to any professional space, such as a doctor's room, office, or boardroom. It is a high-end product with a sleek design and intuitive interface that makes it easy to craft delicious coffees with just a few simple steps. Enjoy barista-style coffees with effortless convenience, thanks to the professional coffee maker features of the GIGA X8. Make a statement in your workplace with this top-of-the-line coffee machine.  Watch the below video.

*   The GIGA X8 allows JURA to demonstrate Swiss innovation and professionalism down to the very last detail.  The X8 is incredibly versatile  :  it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and the classic pot of coffee.  For tea lovers it also prepared hot water at different temperature levels.

*   The WE8 - the successful automatic machine for the office is now even more perfect.  The WE8 now prepares a total of 16 different specialities at the touch of a button.  It now offers macchiato, espresso doppio, special coffee and hot water for green tea at the touch of a button.

*   The GIGA X3 allows JURA to impressively demonstrate Swiss innovation and professionalism down to the very last details.  Anywhere where a capacity of up to 150 cups is the order of business, the machine presses users with its quality, functionality and reliability.  Coupled with top performance in every respect, this results in a high-tech automatic coffee machine that is ideally tailored to the requirements of large offices, the breakfast, seminar and conference venue sectors as well as self-service areas.

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