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Elba warmer drawer

R7 865.00
In stock
Product Details
UPC: 8024651000723
Brand: Elba
Category: warmer drawers


  • Stainless steelfinishing
  • Push-pull opening system
  • Telescopic guide opening drawer with anti-sliding material inside
  • 6 place setting, 10 cm, usable height
  • Temperature range 30°-80°C
  • Illuminated switch on-off pilot
  • Maintaining the temperature of cooked foods and delicate cooking at 80°C
  • Leavening dough, yogurt fermentation, veg and fruits drying system
  • Thawing (defrosting)
  • Operating indicator light
  • Preheating of pots and pans and coffee cups
  • Max nominal power: 400 W
  • Size: H 140x W 595 x D 535mm
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