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Hobot Legee-668  &  iLife 8

iLife A8 Robotc Vacuum cleaner - the latest model in iLife's premium collection, the iLife A8, marks a great stride in panoramic navigation assisted robotic cleaning technology.  Embodying pioneering artificial intelligence (Al), the new self-navigating robot vacuum demonstrates iLife's mission of sharing the latest technological breakthroughs with the smart home industry so that the general public will benefit from the wider application of progressive Al.

Hobot Legee-668 - A unique combination of a robotic vacuum cleaning and mop.

The 4-stage Cleaning System will provide a thorough cleaning of flat floors.  Vacuuming, dry mopping, automatic water dosing and wet mopping - all this can be done in a single step.  The powerful suction located at the front of the vacuum cleaner captures all larger dirt particles, such as crumbs, hair and animal hair.  The dry mop vibrates along the floor and wipes off fine dust, ith two special nozzles pumping water onto the vacuumed floor.  The amount of water used is controlled by the Smart Spray system.  The other vibrating mop then wipes and polishes the floor using the water that was sprayed before.  The LEGEE-668 is equipped with Laser Sensors, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass and Position Estimation system for smooth orientation in your home.

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