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The difference between simplicity ...

              and intuition ...

Whirlpool understands your needs and knows that you take care of all the things you love in a unique and special way, everyday.

That's why 6th SENSE innovation senses, adapts and controls technology intuitively to always give perfect results with no effort.

Discover the new 6TH SENSE technology : the brand new intuitive experience to enjoy the superior performance and the full potential of Whirlpool appliances.

Sensing the difference ...


Whirlpool is proud of the fact that it is the leading major home appliance manufacturer in the world.  This is a success born out of relentless research and innovation, consistently producing industry leading design and functionality solutions to satisfy changing needs.  New design trends, technological advances, evolutions in society and changes in domestic behaviour have all inspired our innovations.  With every step has come greater simplicity, adaptability and durability.  This produced cleaner, more attractive styling and more sophisticated and responsive functionality.  The result is stylish appliances with the intelligence to do much of the work for you, radically simplifying your existence.

That's why we design our appliances with an obsession for detail.  Our Fusion, Ambient and all our other design lines share a sleek and modern harmony which is the perfect complement to our state-of-the-art technology.

A passion for beauty in every detail.

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+27 (72) 727 6137 / +27 (42) 293 3843

Located in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Delivery  :  anywhere in South Africa

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