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Vacuum cleaners

Robot Vacuum Cleaners :

Does it seem like you're spending more and more time cleaning? Would you like somebody in your home who would do the vacuuming and mopping for you?

The Hobot Legee-668 robotic vacuum cleaner and mop 4-in-1 offers an ingenious combination of two robotic cleaning appliances.

The FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning system will comprehensively clean your floors in a few moments. It also takes care of vacuuming, dry mopping, automatic water dosing and wet mopping.

The advanced navigation system ensures that the Legee 668 cleans your home efficiently and without unnecessary delays or getting lost.

The iLife A8 is the latest model in iLife's premium collection - it marks a great stride in panoramic navigation assisted robotic cleaning technology. It has the following key features

  • Navigated cleaning
  • Enhanced cleaning effectiveness
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Versatile brushes
  • i-Voice assistance
  • Great stabilization
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